Memoirs & Biographies

Use this page to share the memoirs, biographies, and so forth that you read for this challenge. For this part of the challenge a book qualifies if it is focused around food in the form of a memoir, a biography, an autobiography, or a personal essay or narrative.

Please use Mr. Linky so we know the title of the book you read and can go to your review (not just your blog). Use the two lines of Mr. Linky in this manner:

First Line: Title of Book (Example: The Cake Boss

Second Line: URL link to your review (Example:


3 Responses to Memoirs & Biographies

  1. I hope I entered mine right…I don’t see it showing up, but I imagine it takes a minute? Excited to start another year 😀

  2. Cheri says:

    This is the first review I’ve linked. Every step of this is a learning experience. Whew!
    Loving this challenge.

  3. rosecityreader says:

    I was slow to start my foodie books this year, but I’m on a roll now. Three down, two reviewed on this page. My third review is coming soon.

    I love this challenge.

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